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Pinot Noir Wines

Maligned by some and revered by others, Pinot Noir wine certainly is divisive, but we all love it at WD. The truth is, it’s a bugger of a grape to grow well, that’s in the handful of regions that can actually grow it well, and it's harder still to turn into something worth drinking. But when you combine grapes that have been lovingly tended with a winemaker worth their salt, something ethereal, almost transcendent transpires. We have spent many an eve discussing life, the universe and everything with a bottle of Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula or, indeed, Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir at the table... and the answers to the questions posed are always more profound in the presence of this most noble of grape varieties.

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  1. Heirloom Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir 2020
    Special Price $35.00 Regular Price $40.00
  2. Kings Creed Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir 2021
    Special Price $30.00 Regular Price $35.00
  3. Riposte 'The Dagger' Pinot Noir 2020
    Special Price $22.00 Regular Price $24.00
  4. Six Brothers Tasmania Pinot Noir 2018
    Special Price $55.00 Regular Price $60.00

5 Items

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