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Reds That Ain’t Shiraz or Cab

Sometimes it’s nice to drink something medium-bodied, with good fruit intensity with a delicious hedonism coming from bright fruit and tensile acidity rather than super-ripe fruit and whack of oak and a strip of tannins... In this episode, we’ve included Grenache x 2, Durif x 2, a Tempranillo, and a Nero d’Avola. Here’s the backstory on each variety...

Comes from: Francoise Durif, a French botanist discovered a new variety on his nursery vineyard (now known as Durif)
Pronounced: duh:riff
Mum and Dad: One of Dr. D’s Shiraz vines pollinated a Peluorisin flower, giving birth to Durif, one of the most monstrous, black fruited varieties on the planet. Shazam!
An outcast: Rarely grown in France, but has found a home Australia, the U.S. and Israel.
Likes: A warm climate, a willing palate.
Good ones: Offer plenty of fine tannins, plums, spice and melted chocolate flavours.
Nickname: I’ll take six, Shiraz on Steroids, Petite Syrah, Pinot de Romans.


Comes from: Spain, with lots of plantings in France’s Rhone Valley
Pronounced: gra:nash
What tha!: Struggled to shake a rep for being only good for blending into GSM’s and making fortifieds. That’s some dumb sh!t right there.
The resurgence: In the last 10 years straight McLaren and Barossa Grenache is developing a reputation as being world class, as in as good as the best French gear.
Old: Aussie Grenache vines are the oldest in the world.
Likes:A warm climate, being ripe but not too ripe.
Good ones: Bright, ripe, strawberry, plums, dried herbs, – stunning balance of intense fruit and acidity finishing with sandy tannins.
Nickname: On my staff account please, Cannonau, Garnacha, Grenache Noir, Garnatxa negre.


Comes from: Spain
Pronounced: temp:rah:nee:yo
Famous for: Rioja wines in Spain
Likes: A warm climate but not hot.
Fun fact: Temp is the 4th most widely planted variety on earth, and is capable of long ageing.
Good ones: it’s pretty versatile, from no oak crunchy numbers through to deep, dark ponderous beasts. Typically cherry, plum, spice, cedar, dill and fig.
Nickname: Where’s the Jamon?, Ull de Llebre, Cencibel, Tinti Fino, Aragonez, Tinta Roriz.


Comes from: Italy. The name literally translates as Black of Avola. It is widely planted in Sicily.
Pronounced: nair:oh da:vola
Likes: warm to hot and dry climates, goes alright in the Riverland for instance.
Good ones be like: bold dark fruits, plum, spice, cherry, mint, tobacco, leather, cocoa, blackberries, prune, and a fair whack of acid and tannin.
Nickname: Time to make pizza, Calabrese, principe Siciliano, Niureddu calavrisi.

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Reds That Ain't Shiraz or Cab
Reds That Ain’t Shiraz or Cab

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    Reds That Ain't Shiraz or Cab
    Wines In This Pack
    McLaren Vale, SA
    95pts Sam Kim
    Durif is the genetic offspring of Shiraz and Pelourisin. It’s rare and we love it here at WD. It is drought tolerant and retains acidity and bright fruit even when very ripe. Handled well it makes fruit-dense yet lively wines with an inky core and a strong spine of acidity. Winemakers use phrases like ‘Shiraz on steroids' and ‘akin to drinking fountain pen ink’ to describe it. This Curtis edition is a little more elegant than most and packs, plums, blackberries, black cherries, black olive, vanilla, cedar, and more into a thyme spritzed package which is gorgeously sumptuous.
    Barossa Valley, SA
    92pts James Halliday
    This is on the big side despite being a relatively low 13.8 percent alcohol. We put that down to the fruit being grown in the Marananga sub-region of the Barossa, renown for its dense, chewy reds. Plenty of red and black fruits here, with cherries and savoury tannins to finish. It’s quite closed when first opened, so give it a vigorous decant. Looks even better on the second day.
    McLaren Vale, SA
    93pts Sam Kim
    A beautifully fragrant Grenache packed to the gunnels with bright and delicious red fruits, spice and lip tingling acidity. Awesome with a range of savoury dishes, especially crispy pork.
    Barossa Valley, SA
    The Lienert’s have been farming in the Barossa for 150 years and decided to add some vines to their property about 20 years ago. The first fruit from 2004 and 2005 vintages went straight to the pool room, aka into Penfold’s St Henri. Funnily enough they then planted a lot more vines and introduced many more clonal variations of Shiraz and Grenache. This Grenache is a brilliant amalgam of fragrance and grunt, thanks to the careful clonal selection and extensive blending trials undertaken before settling on the final ‘just right blend’. Whilst called Sieben Klon (Seven Clones) the Grenache actually includes 8 separate clones... as follows. BVRC38 – This is one of the nursery clones and has proved to be a great backbone, a bit of a goldilocks, Just right. Lovely red fruits, balance, mid weight and acidity. Simple and clean, not overly complex but blends well with everything... 30% of this clone was whole bunch fermented. Vine Vale Ancestor 1854 – This one is a bit more beastly, darker fruit spectrum and fuller richer palate, still plenty of subtlety but with some beautiful earthen tones. McLaren Vale High Sands – Without picking favourites this one is a beauty, lifted aromatics, mid weight, fine tannins, complex and saline edge, ocean mist. Ethereal Greenock Moppa Selection – Cuttings were taken from the Moppa foothills behind the town of Greenock. This clone is quite unique in its structure as well as noticeably darker colour than most, while still retaining a vibrant fruit character. Ebenezer Selection –This clone is elegant and complex, with a finely tuned tannin profile and lifted red fruit. Langhorne Creek Selection– This clone retains wonderful acidity and has a piercing fruit and aromatic profile, the odd one out as picked much earlier ~1.5-2 weeks before the others. Krondorf Selection– High end lifted fragrance and bouncy jubey fruit, as well as an underlying savouriness which rounds out the palate nicely.
    Fleurieu Peninsula, SA
    2 x Gold Medal
    This is a medium-bodied yet fruit intense, Single Vineyard Nero from the Fleurieu Peninsula. We found, crunchy red fruits, black cherries, musk, and plenty of spices. Gorgeous by itself or with something Italian, like a fig and prosciutto pizza.
    1 x Kaesler Durif 2016 (RRP $35.00)
    Barossa Valley, SA
    95pts Kim Brebach
    The descriptor ‘Shiraz on steroids’ applies well here. There aren’t too many wines this black or this deep. At first taste you can tell the wine is well structured, yet it seems to have minimal tannin. Keep sipping and you’ll find a zombie army of incredibly fine tannins marching across your palate, building as they travel. Fruit is black, arguably black hole and there are aromas of smoked meats and cold fires. It’s probably time to ignite the charcoal and have yourself a barbie or a wood oven pizza.
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